Mother’s Day ideas for bookworms and beyond

This year is whizzing by. January seemed to take an age, but February has been slipping through my fingers like sand, and I’ve realised that already, Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

I know American Mother’s Day is on a different date later in the year, but fear not! Mums all over the world have birthdays all year, so you can use this post for inspiration for that πŸ˜‰

Some of us got our love of reading from our mums, whilst others might have never even seen their mum pick up a book. But I think as bookworms, the innate desire to gift people books is still there, regardless of whether your mum uses books as doorstops or daily companions! So without further ado, let’s take a look at bookish gifts for the mums in our lives!

The Rest and Relaxation Mum

The rest and relaxation mum

This mum might be a homebody or might be a regular busy bee, but either way, she values her relaxation time, even if she doesn’t get a lot of it! She’ll love a gift that gives her a means of escape and a chance to take five and breathe. Build her a relaxation station with items like:

  • Some destressing herbal tea. Try camomile, peppermint, lemon balm or fennel teas – they’re known for their destressing, relaxing properties. English Tea Shop do some cute individual tins or selection packs with multiple flavours.
  • A cute mug to put the tea in. A classic Mum favourite is Cath Kidston or Emma Bridgewater, and they have a lovely range of mugs, plus options to personalise
  • Candles. Set the scene for your mum with a beautifully scented candle or diffuser. Relaxing scents include lavender, vanilla, soft spices, gentle florals, coconut, homely scents like fresh laundry, and discreet powdery scents like baby powder or violet. Yankee Candles does a great selection of these, and they’re even doing a personalised candle offer at the mo!
  • Snuggly socks! You can’t put on a pair of fluffy socks and not start to feel relaxed. It’s like a signal to your brain to chill out! Buy your mum a nice pair – maybe a colour to match her favourite pyjamas, or even slippers she can wear all the time around the house.
  • Bath products: I’m thinking bath oils and bombs, and a follow-up moisturiser. I’m a Lush junkie, so I’d recommend the Golden Slumbers, Twilight, Sacred Lotus, or Ickle Baby Bot bath bombs for relaxation, followed up by the Sleepy body lotion or a cute massage bar like Honey Bear.Β In fact, Lush have a whole Mother’s Day range at the mo: take a look here!
  • What’s missing from this snuggly picture we’re painting? Why, a book of course! Obviously R&R Mums don’t all fit in one box: they might like chick-lit or Chuck Palahniuk! Try to select a new, highly-rated book in your mum’s preferred genre, or perhaps one of the defining classics of the genre. She might also like non-fiction – something like Quiet by Susan Cain, or a Jon Ronson investigative journalism job, or even a witty take on contemporary issues like those by Caitlin Moran.
  • Whack all this in a gift box with a bow, or a wicker basket, and you’ve built your mum a relaxation station!

The Glam-mum-ous Mother

Copy of The rest and relaxation mum

This is the mum who takes pride in her appearance and always looks immaculate. Her wardrobe’s sharp, her make-up’s pristine, her accessories and chic and stylish. What do you buy someone so effortlessly chic? Why not make her a kind of books and beauty bundle?

  • Let’s start with the book. She’s probably got an immaculate home, too, so a coffee table book – big, glossy, aesthetic – is perfect for her. Why not try something like Vogue: An Illustrated History, or a memoir from a fashionista like Grace Coddington?Β There’s also quirky style books like How To Be Parisian, and Love x Style x Life.
  • Now here’s where the beauty comes in. Take a colour from the cover of the book you’ve suggested – say, the burnt orange from Grace Coddington’s memoir or the nude shades of Love x Style x Life, and select a beauty product in that shade. Nail polishes or lipsticks work well!
  • Then carry this one step further! Get your mum a chic purse, handbag or scarf in the same shade. If it’s a shade you don’t think she’d wear in accessories, you could always buy, for example, a black handbag, and accessorise with a keyring or scarf tied around the handles in your pull-out shade.
  • Throw in a mini bottle of champagne or wine,Β  some champagne truffles, or a champagne scented candle for that elegant air, and add all of this to a stylish gift box – perhaps this Ted Baker-esque one, this beautiful oriental inspired vessel, or this glam glitter one!


Copy of The rest and relaxation mum (1)

This mum never stops. Whether she’s travelling for work, kicking butt at the office, or keeping the family organised, she’s constantly on the move. She hasn’t got a lot of time to pick up a book, as much as she might like to. So how do we show Mum-on-the-Move the joys of literature? Read on to find out!

  • She has to grab everything on the go, so Starbucks is probably her best friend. Why not treat her to a stylish travel mug so she can either make her drink at home and take with her, or fill it up at her favourite coffee shop and keep warm for longer as she goes about her day? There’s everything from quirky Happy Jackson ones toΒ cute cat print,Β  no-nonsense leak-proof thermals, discreet Disney designs,Β and even Mum ones!
  • Now, how is she supposed to read when she never sits down? Audio books! Treat her to an audio book subscription on a website like Audible, and she can download and listen to her books on the go! If she commutes, perhaps a lightweight Kindle would be good for her too – she can carry loads of books without weighing her bag down or scuffing the corners!
  • She might worry that listening to audio books will make her phone go flat, so grab her a power bank to so she can keep her phone full of juice. There’s everything from cute cat banks to stylish mirror ones andΒ chic rose marble ones! You can also buy phone cases that actually charge the phone – search for her phone model and “charging case” on Amazon.
  • You could also round it off with a headphone tidy so her headphones never get tangled again!


Copy of The rest and relaxation mum (2)

This mum wants to explore everything! She likes reading, but she values experiences over objects, so she’ll love gifts where she can get stuck in and make memories. Fear not, little bookworm, you can combine your passions!

  • What’s her favourite book? Perhaps there’s a location or a country in it she’d like to go to. Obviously it entirely depends on your budget, but you could take her to Platform Nine and Three Quarters if she’s a Harry Potter fan, Cavendish Square for a Jekyll and Hyde fan,Β  221B Baker Street for your Sherlock fan, The George Inn where Geoffrey Chaucer, William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens frequented…the list goes on!
  • Book signings are great if your mum likes experiences. Perhaps it’s an old favourite, or maybe a book you’d recommend for her, but either way, there’s loads of great book signings. Google some near you!
  • Another fab thing to do with mums who like to dive into things is book themed experiences like murder mystery evenings, museums, exhibitions and walking tours. Some great examples of this are the Harry Potter Tour, the Sherlock Holmes museum, or walking tours covering everything from Paddington Bear to Bridget Jones and James Bond!

Movie Mum

Copy of The rest and relaxation mum (3)

Your mum is film buff, a silver screen savant! She’d probably rather watch than read, but she does like learning more about the on-screen escapades that capture her attention. Why not try some of these option for your movie momma?

  • The book of the film. A ton of films were books first, and as we bookworms know, the books are usuallyΒ waaaaayΒ better. Hook your mum’s attention with the novel – she’s seen the on-screen, now let her get the full details with the on-paper!
  • Similarly, there’s tonnes of books about movies. Maybe compilations of best in a certain genre, the art of the movie, or behind-the-scenes looks at the story, the actors, the direction, the props and more. See if there’s one of these kinds of books for your mum’s favourite film!
  • Β Get her some movie props! Funko Pops are cute and there are thousands of options, or you could do something cute like get her a Best Mum Oscar trophy!
  • For more experience-based gifts, why not buy her a book of a film that’s in the cinema right now, and accompany it with cinema tickets? If you can get the film in 4DX, even better! I bet she won’t have tried it before, and it’s a great movie experience! Similarly, you could get her a book and theatre tickets – that way, she’s got time to read the book first! Popular options could be Wicked or The Cursed Child!

Aspiring Author/Lit-Loving Mum

Copy of The rest and relaxation mum (4)

This mum gives you a run for your money in the reading stakes. You probably got your love of reading from her, and as a result, sometimes it’s hard to buy her a book she hasn’t already read! She quite likes the idea of writing herself, but might not have tried her hand properly yet. Here’s a selection of gifts she won’t have already read!

  • A Line-A-Day Journal: Here’s an easy way to chronicle her story! This five-year memory book only takes two minutes to fill in each day, but leaves you and your mum with a story of half a decade to reflect on!
  • Stationery! If she likes to write, Paperchase is probably her utopia. You could also combine her love of writing and reading with a book journal!
  • If you’re wary of buying her a new book for fear she’s already read it, why not go for gifts around the books you know she loves? Penguin Books do everything from special edition books to mugs, tote bags, umbrellas and more!
  • From book-themed jewellery to art prints, literary teas, stunning bookmarks and more, Etsy is a total goldmine!


Which type of mum is your mum? Did this post give you any ideas? Leave me a comment to let me know!



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