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Hey guys! Bet you weren’t expecting a post from me in the middle of the week, huh?! Well, here I am, and you’re about to find out why! After months of building friendships with bibliophiles on Instagram, some of my Bookstagram besties and I have come up with a new bookish venture to unite with bookworms on our blogs too!

So, what’s it all about? The idea of What Are You Reading Wednesday is to create an online space for bookworms to chat, discuss and recommend their current reads. We do this by doing a short post based on the questions we’ve come up with, and then sharing our post’s links on other bloggers’ posts using the same tag!

Don’t worry if you’re still reading the same book for a few weeks in a row – that’s totally fine! Just be sure to include the answers to the five questions for What Are You Reading Wednesday in your post, then hop over to one of the host sites and share your link! (Host links are at the bottom of this post!)

Of course, this will be even more fun if you leave the host a comment, and then jump around to another post or two – or five! – and gush over your current read with them! Make sure to use the hashtag #whatareyoureadingwednesday, and tag some other bloggers if you’d like to get them involved!

We can’t wait to talk books with you!


The nitty-gritty

Share the book or you are reading with their author, and the cover too if you’d like to. Then have fun answering these questions for at least one of them!
  1. Why did you decide to pick up this book – cover or content?
  2. Who is your favorite character so far, and why?
  3. Will you finish this one?
  4. Finish the sentence:  This book reminds me of… (other books, movies, tv shows…)
  5. What type of read is this one? (slow but interesting, cannot put it down…)


My current read

I’ve been on a Maggie Stiefvater binge recently! I’m about two-thirds of the way through Blue Lily, Lily Blue, which is the third book in The Raven Cycle series. Since it’s the third book in the series, I won’t go into the specifics of the plot line – instead I’ll give a generic synopsis of the series.

Blue Sargent is the daughter of a psychic. Not a phony who tells you what you want to hear; a real psychic who can see the future. That said, Blue herself hasn’t inherited any special abilities herself. She can’t see the future, she can’t see the dead…until the one night of the year that the soon-to-be-dead appear to clairvoyants, and she sees the ghost of a young man who talks to her.

His name is Gansey, and he’s everything Blue hates. He’s rich, good-looking, has a circle of loyal friends, and attends a local private school that churns out boys Blue hates. However, she ends up drawn into their world, which has demons a-plenty, from the supernatural kind to the human kind. It also opens the door to a partnership that slots all the right puzzle pieces together to find Owain Glyndŵr, a Welsh prince who is prophesied to grant a favour to the person who finds his grave.

Oh, and Blue has been cursed as long as she can remember; if she kisses her true love, he will die.

1. Why did you decide to pick up this book – cover or content?

9fb5b-what2bare2byou2breading2bwednesday2bbuttonContent, definitely. It’s considered a young adult series with more mature content, but after a few overhyped YA books that my inner grumpy grandma bah-humbugged about, I’m somewhat picky about the YA books I pick up nowadays. Therefore, this was a series I looked into and read a lot of reviews about from bookworms with the same suspicious approach to YA before I picked up.

2. Who is your favourite character so far, and why?

Ronan, probably. He’s the strongest character, definitely, and he’s not a traditional good guy, or a stereotypical bad boy. He’s somewhat conflicted, and there’s just no bull with him. He says it like it is. He’s disliked by many. He’s competitive, arrogant, argumentative. He has bad habits. But he’s got his friends’ backs, and is trying to find his way with the crazy, and sometimes crappy, hand he’s been dealt. He’s human, and relatable.

3. Will you finish this one?

Yuh-huh, and the next one, which is the last in the series. In fact, I’m also going to start The Scorpio Races by the same author, because I’m just loving her at the moment.

4. This book reminds me of…

Hmm, tricky. In terms of characters, it has the same kind of range as Harry Potter’s Big Seven, but I’d say they’re somewhat harder-edged in terms of personalities. It also, weirdly, gives me flashbacks to reading the 1-800 Where-R- You series by Meg Cabot as a kid – it’s just the psychic elements though, and the sassy female lead. It’s kind of unlike any other series I’ve read, you know, so I can’t really say!

5. What type of read is this one? (slow but interesting, cannot put it down…)

Can’t put it down! I’ve breezed through two and a half books in the series back-to-back, and I’m still not bored or wanting a break!


Get involved!

So, if you’re still reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! It’s all about finding new bookish friends and chatting together, so please do leave me a comment answering these questions, or a link to your blog post with the questions. Just make sure you use the hashtag #whatareyoureadingwednesday so we can see all the posts and find other bookworms to talk to!

I’m gonna tag Bionic Bookworm, Kristin Kraves Books, Boston Book Reader, The Orangutan Library, and The Introverted Book Nerd.


Check out my co-hosts!

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24 thoughts on “What Are You Reading Wednesday

    • Tsundoku Girl Reads says:

      You totally do! 😉 I am enjoying them. I think the story line is pretty unique, and aside from the whole “kiss your true love and he’ll die” thing which I thought was a bit cringey, it’s actually pretty complex in terms of character arcs and just the overall story direction. And there’s been like, 1% romance so I’m happy 😂


  1. bookedbybliss says:

    This looks like fun! It’s already Thursday so I guess I’ll join in next Wednesday 😊 I have two of the books in this series but I can’t remember which ones; I haven’t read them yet. I used to love Meg Cabot’s 1-800 Where-R-You books when I was younger. I think in my edition, the series was called Missing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tsundoku Girl Reads says:

      Ooh, yay! I’m so excited to see your posts! Haha, hopefully you have the first two 🙈😉 and yes, same actually! It was called Missing for me, but whenever I say it, people look puzzled, then after a while say: “Ohhh, you mean 1-800 Where-R-You!” 😂 I’m glad someone else knows what I mean!!


      • bookedbybliss says:

        Missing is so much easier to say 😂 I only found out much later that it also went by another title. It was my favourite series of hers, along with the Mediator books. Have you read those?


      • Tsundoku Girl Reads says:

        Isn’t it?! Are you in the UK? Just because that’s where I am, so I’m assuming it’s the UK version and was going to say it’d be 0800-Where-R-You if it were set here 😂 I’m sure I started the Mediator series, but I can’t remember it! Maybe I’ll just read it now 😂


  2. Maraia says:

    Great idea, Rhi! Sebastian and I haven’t been blogging a whole lot, but maybe this will be good motivation.

    I’m really glad you’re enjoying The Raven Cycle! Ronan is my favorite, too, and Pynch is one of my favorite OTPS.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tsundoku Girl Reads says:

      Thanks Maraia! Yeah, I’d love you guys to join! It’s a nice way to check in with each other and talk books, I think 🙂

      Yes, I am – it was a surprise, tbh! I was expecting it to be probably a 3 star read, but I devoured the first one and ordered the second, then devoured that and ordered the third…long story short, now I’ve got all four, plus The Scorpio Races, because I’m just loving Maggie!!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Tsundoku Girl Reads says:

      They are definitely not exactly what I was expecting, but I’m glad! I was expecting more of a “woe is me, I can never kiss my true love” scenario that would bug the hell out of me, but it’s been a pleasant surprise as there’s so much more to the plotline, and Blue doesn’t seem like that anyway – more like “eh, it’s annoying but I know about it by now”. I’m halfway through Blue Lily but I stopped to start The Scorpio Races with you guys, so I might start it from the beginning when we finish!

      Would you say it’s not your fave series, but you mostly enjoyed it?


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