Book Voyage: why it’s much more than just a subscription box

From Lootcrate to Birchbox to Graze boxes, there’s multitudes of subscription boxes for every interest under the sun.

For bookworms, we’ve been spoiled with quite a plethora over the years, with big name companies like Fairyloot, Owlcrate and Litjoy becoming firm favourites with literary lovers.

What makes this box stand out?

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So, what does new kid on the block, Book Voyage, have to offer? Well, first off, the price is much more preferable! I haven’t tried all of the subscription boxes I named above, but Lootcrate and Fairyloot set me back £35-40 for just a one month subscription with postage – ouch!

Now, I won’t say those crates don’t have a great range of goods – they contain high quality items (between 5-10 usually), sourced through individual specialist shops to help grow businesses. I was excited when I received both, and I’ve had my eye on Lootcrate’s Harry Potter themed box for ages now. But unfortunately, due to the price, I just can’t warrant a subscription of more than a one-off box.

Enter Book Voyage.

A cheap book subscription box, you say?!

At just £14.99 for a one-off subscription box, this is a much more affordable way to get that monthly excitement that surrounds awaiting a gift in the post (it doesn’t matter if the gift is from you to you ;)! ) To put it into perspective, that’s less than half the price.

And the concept is novel. Book Voyage isn’t just a clever name; the boxes are designed to take you on a world tour via works of great literature. Each “Classic Box” is themed around a certain country, and contains a “book, bite and brew” package to set the scene as you explore new lands through the carefully chosen pages.

For me, the theme for the box I received was Portugal, and I was super happy with the contents, which included:

Book Voyage unboxing reviewBook: José Saramago’s Raised From The Ground, a Portuguese classic translated in recent years to English. This book was a hardback with a sleeve, but underneath was a beautiful cloth bound edition with gold gilt lettering on the spine (pictured to the left). It has an RRP of £18.99, so just the book alone paid for the price of the box! (Check out this review by Ursula K Le Guin if you’re interested in its content!)

Bite: I received two Regina Sombrinhas de Chocolate de Liete, which are adorable umbrella-shaped chocolates, founded in Lisbon in 1928. They’re a popular snack in Portugal to this day, and I felt like I was holding a little piece of the country by its tiny plastic umbrella handle!

Brew: Cha Gorreana, which is a Portuguese tea from the only remaining tea plantation in Europe, according to the handy information card the box comes with. I received three of these tea bags, which will be the perfect accompaniment to the book!

bv mpr 4As well as this, I received a bookmark with a beautiful photo of Portugal’s Belem Tower (each crate contains a collectible country-themed bookmark), the information card I mentioned above, which gives you a background and history for each item, and a handwritten note from the founders, which was a lovely touch!

Package, package in the hall, who’s the fairest of them all?

In terms of packaging, Book Voyage, like every other subscription box, is too big to fit through the letter box, but that’s to be expected considering what’s in the box. What I liked about the box itself was its simplicity; it’s white with the company’s logo and slogan on one side, and your address on the flipside. The items are well packaged, and fit in the box perfectly – there’s none of the annoyance you get when you open a box and find an item half the size rattling around in it! On top of this, what I liked was the postcard style decal on the inner lid of the box, which had a quote from Anna Quindlen saying the following:


“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey; they are home.”

How perfect is the quote for Book Voyage?! The box is full of these little details that show the attention to detail and passion the owners have for this company, and the clear effort they put into sourcing bespoke items to help customers travel all around the world, pages first.

It’s also a great way to expand your literary horizons; I know I wouldn’t have ever personally bought the book in the box, yet I’m excited to read it. There’s something about this subscription box that gives you a gentle push out of your comfort zone – not far enough that you won’t enjoy the experience, but far enough to give you something to remember and a reason to go back for this tailored experience.

Championing equality and acceptance

I also really like the ethos behind this subscription service; not just aiming to push out books and rake in cash, Book Voyage’s mission statement tells us that they want to increase understanding and tolerance in the world by peeking into the minds, cultures, values and beliefs of people who don’t share the same ones as us, and overcoming misconceptions by hearing stories from people with different life experiences, realities and imaginations. All of this is apparent in the box; the book itself in my Portuguese box deals with topics and themes such as sociology, politics, crime, justice, and more. It feels like so much more than just a book subscription box; it’s a Pandora’s box of passion, empowerment and meaning. (Plus, it comes with delicious snacks! 😉 )

So. why buy Book Voyage?

BV MPR 3So, to conclude, Book Voyage may not have as many items in the box as some of the bigger players in the book crate market, but they provide a great array of goods which make you feel like you’re delving into a new culture from the comfort of your home. As well as this, it’s extraordinarily good value for money – where else can you buy a brand new hardback book, a selection of snacks and drinks, a bookmark and a handy information postcard about all of this for under £15?! Even better, you can get a further 10% off the price with my discount code, TSUNDOKUGIRL10!

You can also personalise your subscription by selecting your age range, and whether you’d prefer fiction, non-fiction, or the curator’s pick. Like other boxes, you can choose a one-off month or a few months for your subscription, and options like the “Deep Dive Box” even let you select where in the world you’d like your literary voyage to explore.

Their past crates have included books and goodies from the Caribbean, the Netherlands, India, South Africa, Lebanon and more. The boxes allow you to immerse yourself in an exciting new culture, and be a part of a meaningful movement championing equality and acceptance. And if that’s not enough to convince you, Book Voyage’s super cheap boxes mean you can #readtheworld and still have change to visit the country you’ve delved into!

Make sure you check out their website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to connect and find out more. Feel free to leave me any comments if you’d like to know more about the box, and remember to use the discount code TSUNDOKUGIRL10 for 10% off your order!

*I was given a free box in exchange for an Instagram review over on my Bookstagram channel, but I loved the box so much, I had to do a blog post too!



13 thoughts on “Book Voyage: why it’s much more than just a subscription box

  1. moonika says:

    This sounds fantastic. I’ve never been really interested in subscription boxes (I guess I don’t care much for all the items that come along, and what if I don’t want the book within, not to mention the high price + shipping etc), but I love the idea of getting surprise books from different countries to widen the readers horizons. Will have to check how they price their shipping to mainland Europe, and maybe I can give it a go 🙂


    • rhiannacampbell says:

      Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I enjoyed the boxes I tried, but I found the content hit and miss, and considering they were pretty pricey, I stopped because I couldn’t afford it unless every item was spot on! Yes, definitely check it out – they’re based in the UK, so hopefully it’s not too pricey to mainland Europe! Let me know what’s in your box if you get one 😊


    • Tsundoku Girl Reads says:

      It’s so good, and would be perfect for you, Olly! If you order one, make sure you use my discount code as it works on one off purchases or subscriptions 😊 drop them an email – they might be able to tell you about the Morocco box!


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